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We’re back in action. We’re doing big things. 

For all you located in the Los Angeles area and have a liking for poetry and music, please come out and support local talent (and share your own) next Wednesday at Recreation park in Long Beach! It’s a weekly gathering of spoken word artists, poets, musicians, and more who come together, seated around candlelight and experience an abundance of diverse individuals and exquisite talents. 

If Long Beach is too far for you, don’t worry. We are working fast and efficiently to secure a residency in a downtown Los Angeles soon! 

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We press together
on the lowrise mattress pad
of early hours.
Echoes of voices
clamoring against the glass pane,
separating us from the outside. 

“No hables cuando hablo!”

The foreign tongues of breadwinners
Victimize loafing wives
as children linger in silence,
assuming permission. 

A fragile body framed
in threadbare knits
awakes to the rippling vibrations
of hunger.

The Ragu jars are empty,
the handle-less pan holds no food. 

He collects the trash of past lives,
of young children,
of wealthy passersby
seeding a fortress
of sediment.

He latches change between
calloused palms and brittle fingers,
feeble knuckles against fractured concrete.
He closes his eyes to rest. 
As he makes a pillow of his fist,
he wails. 

Welcome to Koreatown, I said
as we waltzed in a sea of bodily fluids,
forgetting, we too, have an expiration date. 

The jalousie slats, wedged shut
reveal wandering hopelessness,
minds searching for clarity
between dingy dumpsters and gated parking lots.

A city, dressed in wrinkled foreheads,
fighting tainted pasts.

But you and I laid nestled amongst
the insanity,
the uncertainty,
the obscenity. 

We laid nestled against flesh,
sharing fondness, and warmth;
nudity and touch.

We saturated our selves in reassurance. 

We kept the windows closed.   

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I live in walking distance of the Wiltern now

new city, new job, new home // everything’s falling into place
Josh Angeo strikes again
Q: Well, if it's because you don't have a ticket, I'm actually going to have an extra wristband for sale sometime soon!

what weekend!!?

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Q: do u know if its a grind is hiring

they are

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cause clean//ish room and who cares
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Central Park, New York City

I dont wanna leave :(
We made it to New York! Kris Kidd // The Altar Collective

This is the last copy in New York BookMarc on Bleecker Street.